21 08 2014
My Island

My Island

Oh Mekamui : I care for you,
Sadden by the big hole in you

Oh Mekamui : I would not sell you for a price
I would not strip you off your forest
Or pollute your clear blue sky

Oh Mekamui : I would not desecrate your sacred place.
I would not plunder on your shores
I would not fail your precious waters

For am your native born

Oh Mekamui : where does your caretakers gone,
are they waiting for something call Dollar to destroy you
or are they sleeping in the jungle tonight with dreams of ancient
or are they drifting in your seas.

Oh Mekamui : Who will hear this call, to keep you safe for us all

Oh Mekamui : I would not desecrate your sacred place
I would not plunder on your shores

For am your native born
For am your native born

Mekamui & ABG Unity

30 07 2014

Mekamui & ABG Unity
Anthony Kaybing

The MekamuiFaction has pledged its support to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and to work together for Bougainville’s greater good.
Mekamui President Philip Miriori made this pledge during a reconciliation ceremony between Mekamui members of North and Central Bougainville.
“Time is against us so our journey towards referendum and independence is in the hands of the common Bougainvillean to work hard to achieve what we fought and died for,” MrMiriori said.
“The next step of this reconciliation will begin immediately for the Mekamui faction to work with Autonomous Bougainville Government and our President Chief Dr John Momis,” MrMiriori added.
MrMiriori said Mekamui’s stand now is for the leaders to take control of peace and unify all Bougainvilleans.
President Momis expressed his satisfaction and joy at the initiative undertaken by the Mekamui in reconciling in its members.
“I want to congratulate the leaders and all the people responsible for taking the steps to reconcile through our Bougainvillean customs to say sorry,” President Momis said.
“As Christians it is also our duty to reconcile and say sorry to one and other so I am truly happy at your initiative,” President Momis added.
The President said that this is a foretaste of big things to come where Bougainville will finally unite and achieve its goal of self-determination.
The President also said that he is very confident that Bougainville will achieve its goal and reassured the people that Bougainville’s progress in peace and unity will prevail.
“The Mekamui Government is the government of all Bougainvilleans and through unity with the ABG we will prevail,” President Momis said.
“The ABG through the Bougainville Peace Agreement is the vehicle that will bring us toward the next frontier of our journey for self-determination which is independence,” declared President Momis.
“Despite the differences and reservations people may have, which is absolutely normal, the ABG in union with the other factions will be the independent government for Bougainville should the people wish it through our referendum,” the President said.
MrMiriori and the Mekamui hierarchy who were present supported President Momis’ stance and pledged to work toward peace and Bougainville’s unity with the ABG.

PNG Bougainville’s Me’ekamui re-states opposition to mining Radio New Zealand

1 06 2014

The head of the Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville separatist group, the Me’ekamui, says he is against a resumption of mining before a vote on independence.

The leadership in the autonomous PNG province has been promoting a return to mining as the filip its economy needs.

Don Wiseman has more:

“President John Momis says the re-opening of the huge Panguna mine would bring immediate economic benefits that could not be achieved so quickly in other sectors. He says this is vital to show the province is economically viable ahead of the vote on possible independence, which can occur from 2015 onwards. Philip Miriori, who is styled as the president of the Me’ekamui Government of Unity, says the Me’ekamui position is clear. They are not opposed to mining and are happy for the people to decide but this cannot happen until after independence is achieved. Mr Miriori says this would ensure royalties stay in the province. He has also reiterated a call for Rio Tinto to pay compensation to the landowners of ten billion kina, or about two and a half billion US dollars, for damage caused by the mine. And he says the Me’ekamui will not allow access to their areas for government reconciliation efforts. He says President Momis needs to leave the sore to be healed. “

Was Bougainville leader Francis Ona assassinated by mercenaries?

1 06 2014

Originally posted on PNGexposed Blog:

Dansi Oearupeu

Francis Ona and the Panguna mine pit

Francis Ona at the Panguna mine pit

Francis Ona died in May 2005. He was an inspiration to many, Francis stood up against Rio Tinto, the Australian government and PNG in order to secure a way of life free from exploitation by foreigners. Only by securing the land and environment, could Bougainville regain the harmony and balance that has been its rudder throughout the ages.

One thing that really angered those who conspired against Francis was that he evaded the PNGDF bullets. And as a result, his towering figure remained a major barrier to the recolonisation of Bougainville by Rio Tinto and its collection of political clowns.

When he died, we were TOLD it was natural, we were TOLD that it was malaria. There was no autopsy, and no more questions were asked.

Interesting at the very same time Rio Tinto suddenly reversed its position on mining on…

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Paqoe trip

22 05 2014

On the 29th of April I came to town with my son Clive and his mum to wait for my young friend from Australia who is going to be my soundman for the 100 years centenary celebrations in Paqoe Choiseul Province.
We spent the first night in town as it was raining and went up to my wife village the next day and spent 2 nights before coming back to Honiara.

Chace trying to cross the flooded river

Chace trying to cross the flooded river

On the 4th of May we boarded MV Channela and sailed down to Western Province, the ports of Noro, Ringi and Gizo. Arrived Paqoe village on the 6th of May at 2pm.
From the 7th we filmed till 13th May, cultural ceremonies, cultural dance & island dance with centenary church services.
Cultural show

Cultural show

Chace the young guy from Cabooture in Qeensland enjoyed the un-touch paradise in the pacific.

Farmers reap rewards

7 04 2014

Source: Post-Courier


FARMERS in North Bougain-ville are now enjoying the benefits of selling their copra following the increase in copra prices.
After the drop in prices of copra in 2012, copra plantations were left unattended, resulting in many families resorting to other means of earning an income apart from those that earn a fortnightly salary.
Pristine 101Ltd, an Indian based company who bought the Kokonas Industries Koporesin (KIK) assets in Bougainville, has set up a copra mill in the heart of Buka town and is now buying the produce at a very high price compared to other local copra buyers.
A local farmer, Saul Katsin, who now usually sells his copra to Pristine 101, said he is now seeing the real benefit of copra as he is also able to save some money with the cheque he gets and deposits into his account at the bank.
“When the price of copra was down, it could not sustain my family needs, so I and my wife resorted to selling betel nut, smoke and other things in the village just to meet our household needs,” Mr Katsin said.
“Since the rise in price of copra, you can see now that Buka town is crowded mostly with copra farmers and as evident, shops are also making more money with a lot of their goods selling out and not gathering dust on shelves.”
Pristine 101 was commissioned in January by Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll when he accompanied Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on his Goodwill visit to the Region with other ministerial delegates.
It started buying copra at 65 toea per kilogram or K650.00 per tonnage but has gradually increased to K1.02 per kilogram or K1002.00 per tonnage.
The manager of Pristine 101 said the company is here “not as traders but manufacturers and we are here for one purpose and that is to buy, mill, and export the coconut oil to overseas markets and we buy according to the world market price”.
“We are encouraging farmers to dry their copra properly with a moisture percentage of 5 percent and below, and that we will pay for, at the exact buying price and when it is 6 percent and upwards we will deduct the moisture percentage with the current buying price,” the manager, who asked not to be named, said.
“We give incentives to truck owners in terms of giving them K2.00 per bag for every load of copra they bring in which they collect after every month and shortly we will also pay boat owners who carry copra from across Kokopau.”
“Free bags are also given to farmers who come in with their copra on Mondays and Fridays in replacement of their copra bags and we are also educating farmers on copra drying.”
The manager has also cleared some grievances of farmers regarding payment of cheque to them when selling their produce.
He said this is to encourage farmers to open accounts with the banks so that they can save some money as well as it is also for safety reasons of the company.
Farmers can open accounts with the Bank of South Pacific or Nationwide Micro bank in Buka to make it more convenient for them so they can save money too, the manager said.


7 04 2014
After the Flooding

After the Flooding

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