Aropa Airport, Work in Progress

24 11 2014

I was sitting at the wind house in section 14 when I got at called from JM to go with him to Aropa Airport to drop of workers. He told me come and takes some footage of the work in progress. We arrived at Aropa Airport at around 12pm. We were taken around the new terminal building by the Island Cops security personnel.

Entering the gate

Entering the gate

When it’s finish and open within 3 weeks time it will really help older people who finds it hard on a bumping truck ride from Buka to Arawa.
Departure lodge

Departure lodge


One of the woman security personnel

Market opposite the Airport

Market opposite the Airport

JM buy green coconut for the ladies who were cleaning up at the Airport

JM buy green coconut for the ladies who were cleaning up at the Airport

Changes taking Place

17 11 2014

After away from home for 14 months I came back home on the 5th of November 2014. I went straight to my village after spending 4 hours in Arawa. Arrived in my village over looking Arawa town at 8 pm local time.
I spent all day resting and trying to catch up with clan, family, village stories. The story that caught my attention was the setting up of a working team to beautify and do something that later in the near future might bring some kind of income for the villagers.
We have a waterfall that in the old days the employees of BCL, {the white people} used to come for swim and picnic. The village men who formed the group called Meco Habitat Team started to beautify the waterfall surroundings.
Further down the river they started cleaning the area for a fishpond and small wind house to be built after the fishpond is completed.
I congratulate the Meco Habitat Team for the well done job and with their on going work.

Missing Persons Sea Burial And Remembrance Day

10 11 2014

I went to Buka on the 10th from Arawa with the relatives, widows and family members of those that still missing up to this date to attend the missing persons sea burial remembrance day in Buka.
Upon arrival we jumped on the boat from Kokopau, Mainland Bougainville to Buka town on the island of Buka. There we waited for some 40 minutes for the people of Buka to arrived before the women and men march in silent to the Bel Isi Park.
After the speeches by the women leaders, chiefs and leaders of the ABG we went down the to seafront to board the badge for throwing down the flowers. They sang and threw down to the sea the flowers to forget their love ones who went missing on the sea some at this very passage.
IMG_4590 copy
While returning back to the Bel Isi Park they sang the song, Burdens are lifted at Calvary and Pr Terry Mose end the Programme with a word of Prayer.
For many of the widows, relatives family members they want to see a proper burial unfortunately where about of the missing persons is not know up to this day so they finish it with just throwing the flowers down to the sea.

IMG_4609 copy
IMG_4717 copy
IMG_4719 copy

Missing Person Sea Burial & Remembrance Day

9 11 2014

I did pay my respect for the comrades and fellow Brothers & Sisters who lost their lives at the border between Solomon Islands and Mekamui while crossing the border from medical assistance and looking for freedom.
When I arrived on the ground, I got a called from Buka that they do similar thing on the 10th of November so I was asked if I could film the ceremony so I told the organizers why not count me in.
On Monday early morning relatives of people of who were lost in the seas in and around Bougainvnille Island will gather in Buka Bel Isi Park from 8am to 12pm.

IMG_4578 copy


5 11 2014

Border Islands

Border Islands

While crossing the border from Taro, Choiseul Island yesterday then when we reached the border between my motherland and Solomon Islands I told the skipper of the boat to stop so that I would spend few minutes to respect and cry for my fallen comrades and fellow island brothers and sisters who lost their lives while crossing the border in the hands of PNG Security Forces who shoot at anything that moves and swim on the sea.


21 08 2014
My Island

My Island

Oh Mekamui : I care for you,
Sadden by the big hole in you

Oh Mekamui : I would not sell you for a price
I would not strip you off your forest
Or pollute your clear blue sky

Oh Mekamui : I would not desecrate your sacred place.
I would not plunder on your shores
I would not fail your precious waters

For am your native born

Oh Mekamui : where does your caretakers gone,
are they waiting for something call Dollar to destroy you
or are they sleeping in the jungle tonight with dreams of ancient
or are they drifting in your seas.

Oh Mekamui : Who will hear this call, to keep you safe for us all

Oh Mekamui : I would not desecrate your sacred place
I would not plunder on your shores

For am your native born
For am your native born

Mekamui & ABG Unity

30 07 2014

Mekamui & ABG Unity
Anthony Kaybing

The MekamuiFaction has pledged its support to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and to work together for Bougainville’s greater good.
Mekamui President Philip Miriori made this pledge during a reconciliation ceremony between Mekamui members of North and Central Bougainville.
“Time is against us so our journey towards referendum and independence is in the hands of the common Bougainvillean to work hard to achieve what we fought and died for,” MrMiriori said.
“The next step of this reconciliation will begin immediately for the Mekamui faction to work with Autonomous Bougainville Government and our President Chief Dr John Momis,” MrMiriori added.
MrMiriori said Mekamui’s stand now is for the leaders to take control of peace and unify all Bougainvilleans.
President Momis expressed his satisfaction and joy at the initiative undertaken by the Mekamui in reconciling in its members.
“I want to congratulate the leaders and all the people responsible for taking the steps to reconcile through our Bougainvillean customs to say sorry,” President Momis said.
“As Christians it is also our duty to reconcile and say sorry to one and other so I am truly happy at your initiative,” President Momis added.
The President said that this is a foretaste of big things to come where Bougainville will finally unite and achieve its goal of self-determination.
The President also said that he is very confident that Bougainville will achieve its goal and reassured the people that Bougainville’s progress in peace and unity will prevail.
“The Mekamui Government is the government of all Bougainvilleans and through unity with the ABG we will prevail,” President Momis said.
“The ABG through the Bougainville Peace Agreement is the vehicle that will bring us toward the next frontier of our journey for self-determination which is independence,” declared President Momis.
“Despite the differences and reservations people may have, which is absolutely normal, the ABG in union with the other factions will be the independent government for Bougainville should the people wish it through our referendum,” the President said.
MrMiriori and the Mekamui hierarchy who were present supported President Momis’ stance and pledged to work toward peace and Bougainville’s unity with the ABG.


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