26 03 2014

Mining forum for women. Photo AL

Mining forum for women.
Photo AL

Photo, AL

Photo, AL


25 03 2014

By Alex Munme

TINPUTZ joined the rest of the World this week to celebrate World TB Day at Tearuki Health Centre in the Taonita/Tinputz Constituency, Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
Ruby Miringka was an invited guest at the celebrations representing the Bougainville Healthy Community.
While delivering her speech, Mrs. Miringka said TB is a very serious disease.
She said it is a number one killer in Bougainville but is curable.
Mrs. Miringka delivered some very key messages to TB Patients, Guidance and the Community as a whole on how to prevent and cure the disease.
She said these include patients having the determination to be cured from the disease, able to speak out freely and get treated, able to complete full dosage and, never give up while on TB treatment.
She added that when a family member is tested TB positive, the whole family should go for medical checks to avoid the disease being transferred.
The celebration was attended by the health professionals, other Government officers and the Community of Tinputz.


24 03 2014

By Aloysius Laukai

Buin leaders met in Buin with the ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS this morning and condemned the action by youths from Buin who mobilized and looted a Chinese shop and its warehouse at the weekend.

Reports from the Buin Executive Manager, JOHN ITANU says that the meeting attended by Buin Chiefs, leaders and Police and Ex-combatants agreed to cooperate and investigate the incident.

The Buin leaders said that they were not happy at the looting by a minority which has painted a bad image for Buin and Bougainville as a whole.

The leaders said that those involved a known to the leaders and it will be now up to the Buin Ex-combatants and the Buin Police to investigate and charge those who were involved in the incident.
Meanwhile, information gathered by New Dawn FM said that the people were not happy with this operation, that started as a wholesale and later moved into retail and also started selling Beer.
Attempts by New Dawn FM to talk with the Bougainville Police Commissioner on this incident were unsuccessful.


22 03 2014

By Peter Nerau

The people of South Bougainville said that in the absence of a strong and decisive government with no clear cut policies to protect them from what they called “restricted business activity for nationals” they won’t hestitate to force those foreigners to leave their locality by using People’s Power as in the case of the Chinese who were told to leave Buin Town recently.

The People’s Power Movement in South Bougainville said that they are not against the Chinese but they should invest in high impact projects that the local people do not have the capacity to perform these type of businesses.

They said that they do welcome foreigners to come to Bougainville and establish Joint Venture high impact projects with the locals but they warn that the restricted business activity will be protected by the People’s Power if ABG is turning a bline eye and not taking any action to protect them. They believe that the current government is very weak and not protecting them as citizens.


22 03 2014

By Peter Nerau from Panguna,

Chinese Shop in Buin Looted

Chinese Shop in Buin Looted

Some Chinese Businessman who were involved in wholesale and retail
business were told to leave Buin Town last week. These activities are restricted business only reserved for Bougainvilleans. When Momis advocated his much publicise China Policy after signing 6 MOAs with Chinese Businesses and Companies the idea was to engage these
companies in manufacturing and other businesses the locals did not
have the capacity to perform. But this was a misconception because
when the Chinese came to Bougainville they started running retail and
wholesale businesses that agitated the locals. The ransacking of
wholesale and retail stores in Buin Town is a result of the
frustrations of the community in Buin Town and the whole of South
Bougainville in what they see as double standard and lies perpetrated
by the Political Head of the ABG. Because of his Chinese blood the
people were led to believe that Momis has a stake in these reserved
businesses only for Bougainvilleans.

World Vision helps villagers

20 03 2014

Source: Post-Courier



Children of Pavaere village enjoying the clean fresh water supply to their homes courtesy of World Vision. Picture: DICKSON SIPARU

DICKSON Siparu from Pavaere village thanked World Vision on behalf of the community for installing a proper water supply for the village. Mr Siparu said after 50 years the village, with a population of more than 500, will finally have access to clean fresh water, thanks to World Vision and plumbers Francis Akai, chief Biria Tavekau and chief Moses Rotung.
World Vision installed two storage tanks which will act as gravity feeds to outlets such as taps, kitchens and toilets. Teachers at Pavaere Primary School along with their students will have easy access to water points. “Mothers and children won’t be taking their long walks to the creeks along the valleys to fetch water for cooking, drinking and laundry anymore. Our school has a water supply – teachers and children are happy now as they have water at their doorsteps too,” Mr Siparu said.
Mr Siparu is now encouraging the community especially the youth to look after the water supplies. “Do not cut the pipes, respect and use the water supply to the fullest as water is life and will benefit all of us and our community,” Mr Siparu appealed to his community members of Pavaere Village, a 15 minutes uphill drive out of Arawa town.


19 03 2014

By Tony Moera



Girls Dancers

Girls Dancers


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