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Arawa town was very clean and nice during the days before the Bougainville War but seems to be like town belonging to other Papua New Guineans the ones we called them Erereng or Redskins. From 6pm you wouldn’t see any black inhabitants of the Island, if one roams the town during the night for God’s sake he or she will not be ended up in the hospital or grave. Worst were our women folks they were the targets for rape, packed rape you name it.
Outside of the town areas there were squatter settlements and were pushing more inland until late Francis Ona came up with the Panguna mine struggle and men joined in than the Erereng were kicked out. We the people of Bovongnari and North Nasioi at large were the victims of the Erereng from the squatter settlements, Arawa town our very own was control by them.
The markets like the one at the end of section 16 which supposed to be for the Bovongnari people was taken over by the Erereng. They make gardens at Tongkuru and Pudere by taking the land by force from the landowners and sell the food there.
The green, green and nice town of Arawa became a foreign town inside our motherland. North Nasioi Community Government with its police tried to move them out but their task was in vain, these squatters grown stronger so we live in fear and while coming to town we had to come in big group or with a accompany of 2 or 3 man. DSC01899
It was with the barrel of the gun that they were driven back to where they came from. After the War Arawa town came back to the people it belongs to and it became more safer for all as well as our women folk, they wallked around the town in the night without fear of been attack and rape etc.
After many peace talks and Arawa coming back to Normalcy the Ererengs are starting to come back, some as missionaries preaching gospel around the town, market place and so forth, others selling goods, some visiting their relatives who married to Bougainvilleans. While the black inhabitants of the island seeing this movement they are starting to get boil inside.
In August a youth grabbed the mobile from the Ererengs who were selling it at Arawa market and walked off, market security tried to call him but he told him you want to help them so nothing done, it was sad to see it done to them but the effects of the old days is still in the hearts and minds of the people.
The consequence will be very painfull, if a Erereng is kill in Arawa than for pay back the Erereng’s relatives will kill any Bougainvillean who is in school or working in Png, so its high time the Autonmous Bougainville Government should make a policy on incoming Ererengs to Arawa and all of Bougainville.


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28 02 2014
ricky hao

control the number of erereng’sentering bougainville.

19 12 2014
Georgina Kirkman

Obviously the Ererengs have not asked for forgiveness and made reparations to those they did injuries to and caused so much harm. The pain and anger lives on in the hearts of the victims. So serious work needs to be done before harmony can exist there. I send you a message of love and peace for all. May it come soon.

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