Closing of the Conference 18th August 2017

28 08 2017

On the 18th August the conference came to an end closing it off with a good note..

Chief Mark making a point before performing

Dancers coming in

Methodius Iapara from Solomon Islands presented a shell money about 2 meters long to Chief Blaise Iruinu. The Shell money a traditional money for Solomon Islanders especially Malaita province but also use in parts of Bougainville. He gave him as a token of appreciation and on behalf of the team also as a sign of good will and power to the Melanesian brothers & sisters of Bougainville.

Cultural performace

Chief Mark and others performed couple traditional or cultural songs and dances, The Guava Villagers sang a good bye song for us, from the MILDA team the Fijian girls sang a song Isalei..

Aminio received a gift, Sike

Bougainvilleans who attended the four days conference told me they learned a lot from the brothers and sisters of the other Melanesians countries, because we have the same problem in our countries.
19th August we traveled the 4 hours trip to Buka and fly to Port Moresby.

Methodius presenting shell money to the Chief

20th August we say goodbye to our Png team member Christina, she flew back to her home province Medang. The 9 of us flew on the same flight to Honiara, Methodius and I stopped in Honiara while the rest flew to Fiji then to New Caledonia & Vanuatu.

Chief B Iruinu shaking hands with Methodius after receiving the shell money

Guava Villagers singing goodbye song

Fijian singing their song Isalei

Outside Haus Stori

Lice receiving her gift

I was so glad to meet with this team of Melanesian brothers and sisters who I found them to be an inspirational team, I hope I will see them again while trying to save our Island countries in a small way we can for the betterment of our future children and their children to come.
Special Tampara goes to Symoh Joel [Wansolwara Bradaman] for taking me on the trip. Two DVDS will be produce about the trip so keep in touch.
Tampara masika

Jackson’s International Terminal last Photo of group

Remember our Islands future, our island future, our island don’t sell out please.




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