13th August Rest Day & Visit to the mine site

28 08 2017

13th Sunday we rest in the morning side. Later in the afternoon we jumped on a truck and went up to Panguna mine site. After nearly 2 years not visiting the mine pit I saw more trees growing, making the pit looking more greener.

Trees getting big and looking more greener

Methodius after seeing the pit says this is too much..

I did some interviews with the team asking them what would they think if they are to dig a hole like this in their back yard in their country, The team leader Symoh Joel says he would not like it and would advice any Melanesians countries not to think of big scale mining operation like this. He would strongly want to see economy base on agriculture.

Wansolwara bradaman Joel says to see the mother earth torn apart like this is so sad

Seini Bukalidi from Fiji was in tears just as I pressed the record button, with tears in her eyes she says this is too much for our mother earth. Methodius from Solomon Islands says now I see the place and stand on it and know why the Indigenous people from this land had to stand up to stop the mining if not the other mountains will be gone as well.

Aminio pointing at the mine pit

We went back to the village later in the evening, I sense that there was a problem. About 10pm Theonilla and her husband the ground host told us that we will go down to Arawa and held the conference there from Tuesday 15th August. The Young Generation group who are pro mining group disagree for the conference to take place in Makosi..

At the cons with Bougainvilleans

MILDA Team members with the Makosi villagers

Near the mine pit

Monday 14th August jumped on the truck and went to Arawa..The conference held in Arawa Haus Stori from 15th to 18th people came from different fractions and with different ideas all share with the Pacific Melanesians brothers and sisters.
James Tanis a secretary in the Referendum department of the Autonomous Government came to brief the participants & the visitors about the referendum process.




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