1 04 2010

Below is a report from the Papua New Guinea Post Courier which one of the main character in the Panguna area spoke out against the re-opening of the mine.

Postcourier, 30 March 2010

Landowners stand firm


PANGUNA landowners stand firm with their decision for the mine to remain closed until their demands of compensation and a review of the Bougainville Copper Agreement (BCA) are met. Landowner and chairman of the Me’ekamui Government of Unity Philip Miriori spoke on behalf of his people and said that speculation surrounding the re-opening of the mine and future talks to be held between landowners and BCL, were not true and not forth coming. Mr Miriori said the Mining Department of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville had been fuelling the speculation with its awareness on mining but failed to talk with landowners and BCL to review the agreement.

“The landowners and my government are not about to allow BCL to return and re-open the Panguna mine,” he said. Mr Miriori said landowners were not prepared to enter into talks to review the agreement until their compensation demands of K10 billion were paid. “My government and people want to reaffirm that my brother Francis Ona’s original demand of K10 billion for compensation will be maintained with new vigour.” He said the agreement was a “bad law” enacted in 1969. “We were never included in this bad agreement. They paid us an insulting 0.025 per cent,” he said. Mr Mirioiri said the closure of the Panguna mine was a result of failed attempts by the landowners and the North Solomons Provincial Government to seek a review of the BCA with BCL and the PNG Government.


28 03 2010

Land is our mother, Land is our lifeline, Land is our future.

Don’t dig copper and gold, Dig garden, Taro, Yam and Potato

Without Forest there is no culture, with forest there is culture.

The bulk of the rural people of Bougainville don’t want mining on their Island again. Mining can be talked about after Bougainville become an Independent Island Nation and the Government of the day for the people can control it not from Port Moresby some 600 kilometers away.

The issue now, is Independent not mining, however as BCL is doing all it can to talk to the Panguna Landowners it is heading towards creating a very sensitive part which Bougainvilleans will fight each other and more bloodshed on the Island. We Bougainvilleans don’t want bloodshed again and we don’t want to make war, enough is enough.

In my trips to my motherland, women the mothers of the land used to tell me that mining is a very big problem and will not give us anything. Lucy Madoi a strong woman from Kongara in my last trip in November 2009 says, “Mining will bring more outsiders in and more social problems as in the past, We the mothers will live in fear again, Remember our future, Remember our children’s future and our Islands future.


Mekamui Hardliners stopped Solfish Bougainville Trip.

8 03 2010

Mom is not the man for Independent Mekamui/Bougainville.

On the 8th of February a new shipping Company in Solomon Islands, Solfish shipping took a trial trip to Bougainville with only three[3] Bougainvillean passengers who are returning back to their motherland and a Bougainvillean Papua New Guinea Diplomat with his wife. The shipping trip between Bougainville and Solomons has been arranged by the former Bougainville Revolutionary Army General Sam Kauona and the Bougainvillean PNG Diplomat to Solomon Islands.
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29 09 2009


The heart of the conflict on Mekamui/Bougainville was the land and the Women who are sacred to the men folk and their fellow women. During the colonial times the white men came with no respect to the women of the land as they were crazy about the thing called Gold and other precious stones on the Island. When the women who are landowners protested against the mine they kicked and dragged them along the beach like dogs.

On Bougainville you can’t go between the people and their land, land is our mother, land is our lifeline, land is our future. Women who own the land wants their land to be free of mining and toxic waste and they want to preserve it for gardening and their children and for future generations.

Joanne Dateransi a landowner from Guava village and Lyneth Ona, no relation to late F.Ona have form an Association of Bougainville women landowners to talk on behalf of the women of Mekamui/Bougainville against mining Company coming back to the Island and destroy again the land and the environment. They say enough is enough, we want our land free from poisons and toxic waste.

On their first meeting they elected their office bearers, Joanne Daterasi as the President and Lyneth Ona as her vice President. The President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government James Tanis was pleased with the Formation of the Mekamui/Bougainville Women Landowners Association saying that he would work closely with them as they are the mothers of the land and will carry much pain if the mining issue is handle carelessly.

The Mekamui/Bougainville Women Landowners Association stand in regard to mining is, mining can come later when the people of Mekamui/Bougainville have their own Government of the day, or when we are free and an Independent Island Nation. In the past the money from the mine developed other parts of PNG and it seems like we are sucked out of our milk and became very skinny. We don’t want that to happen again.

Their second meeting was held on the 11th of August 2009. They want every single woman on Bougainville to stand together and say no to mining. Mining will not bring any good thing to the people only destruction and social problems.

We fight an up hill battle against the Companies who are stronger and bigger and the Government is under the influence of those Companies who are often corrupt. They don’t care about the land and their traditional owners only money, money in their minds. The women landowners of Mekamui/Bougainville value nature and their land over making more money.
The women landowners are the messengers trying to wake up our Society from the loss of the large scale resource exploitation.

Our Island is an ever green Island we don’t want it become brown and desert like it started to when the civil war broke out. With the closer of the mine we are been blessed, with more fruits and food as time immemorial. No more mining please leaders and don’t sell out our Island, Remember our Island future and our children’s future.


9 02 2009

BCL and INVINCIBLE are in a tug of war to mine the giant resources of copper, gold, silver and other precious metals in the ground on Bougainville.

Autonomous Bougainville Government and the former BRA Commanders involvement with Invincible left out BCL and PNG. On the ground only 510 members of the old Panguna landowners association wants BCL to retutrn. Late Francis Ona’s Meekamui Government who are still in control of the mine area maintain that Panguna mine will remain close and no-one will re-open it.

BCL’s Peter Taylor came up with a way forward for Bougainville if the mine re-opens which is something BCL should done it before. With Invincible, on the ground they have already set up a gold melt and assay plus a communication centre in ARAWA. Read the rest of this entry »


9 02 2009

The two great leaders from Central Bougainville have now died, sad to say that they passed away with out seeing Bougainville become an Independent Island Nation.When they were divided, late Ona forming the Meekamui Government and Kabui the than Bougainville People’s Congress they haven’t talked to each other face to face. Ona’s followers saying that with Ona Bougainville will be an Independent Nation while Kabui’s followers saying no with Kabui.

Now as they are both gone, only their names means something to the Kieta and all of Central Bougainville people. Their first names were Christian and their second names were in Kieta language. Read the rest of this entry »