Reopening Panguna is dividing families and communities

28 08 2017

The panguna mine issue is the hottest and very sensitive issue on the ground today. It is dividing communities and families up. BCL is so crazy to reopen it using every possible avenue it can to get people on their side. In the meantime ABG is desperate to have money to rung the Government of the day in Bougainville and also pushing for the reopening.

Mine Pit looking greener let it be green

The former BRA ranks and files are also divided, last week another MOU was not sign when the Bougainville Hardliners say no to reopening but yes to keep it close.

Strong woman against mining says no to mining

Last week I was in Arawa and late Francis ona’s brother came to me and told me that his sister Joanne whom I been campaigning with against re-opening the mine is on the side of reopening the mine. He told me they must have given her money to change her mind. He says our family is now dividend. Later he and his elder sister came to me and gave me her mobile number.

Joanne on the left now becomes pro mining before when we campaign against mining

Some mothers who are against reopening the mine

They told me to try and talk with her so that she can change her mind.. I didn’t call her for a reason if they gave her money she might said to me we campaign with no money now I have money so if I join you on no mining will you give me money. Hope she will change her mind and save the last Guava Mountain to plant sweet taro for tamatama.
A young woman I interviewed her at the mine site told me that they don’t want the mine reopen it will be so much pain and suffering more then the last time. I asked her they the alluvial gold panning is also causing some kind of danger. She told me it is small and the people are getting money from it then what the company can give them. She told the ABG Government can come in to help with the gold diggers set up some kind of melt and essay laboratory so that the Gold diggers will not us dangerous chemicals etc etc




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