Clive Porabou

This is me, Clive Porabou, posting on this blog to report on Mekamui fight for their land!

Even if you just leave a comment supporting our cause, I will appreciate it!

Thank you for stepping by!


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3 06 2010

Hallo Clive,

My name is Erwin.
I write from germany. My english is limited. So don’t look at mistakes.

I write to you because it is history what happens in Bougainville. History because it is a rare situation that people can create their own country.
From Gaza to Kahnawake. From Palestine to the Mohawk land – you can see, the US Dollar rules against the interest of the people.

I worked in Kahnawake. Kahnawake is the capital of the Mohawks – situated near Montreal / Canada. Do you know that the Mohawks have two Governments ?
One is for the own people and the other is to negotiate with Canada.
This is because the lie is not allowed in the Mohawk culture.
But with Canada the Mohawks say : We made more than 400 contracts with them.
We fullfilled all – They fullfilled not one.

I worked together with the Mohawks Government. Our main problem was to finance the country. Schools, streets, bridges, hospitals, school busses,…
It was not possible to take more than 50% taxes from the people and the companies as it is Europe. So we created a tax that everybody has to pay who lives on Mohawk land.

What is the solution for this problem in Bougainville ?
What kind of tax does James Tanis, John Momis and others want to create ?

It would be nice to hear from you
Many thanks

7 06 2010

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 10:08 PM, comment-reply@wordpress.com wrote:

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29 10 2010
No Mines Australia

Thanks so much for touring Australia and letting us know more about the common problem we share of human greed and human pollution of Mother Earth.

We look forward to more natural defence action to prevent human destruction of Mother Earth by human mining companies and especially those created and controlled by New York and London based high finance, such as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) that partially owns and operates the governments over Papua, USA, Britain, France, etc.

Natural Defence Examples: earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons, volcanos, tornados, drought, floods, disease, plagues, failures of human technology systems, visits by Angels, Nature Spirits, etc.

“To Mine is No Mind”

NOMINESA (No Mines Australia)

26 08 2011
Martyn Namorong (@Mangiwantok)

Keep up the good work Clive… Look at PNG politicians and landowners selling their souls and allowing their land to be raped. Bougainvilleans never wanted the mine and never wanted to be with PNG but no one listened to their cries. Instead there was genocide against innocent indigenous people.

I salute everyone who fought to defend the dignity and sovereignty of their land. Never give in to the Capitalist exploiters.

20 09 2011
Yuliya Pearson

Dear Clive Porabou

Title: Saving our land: peoples power against the mining company with money power

The Australian National University Menzies Library wishes to purchase your documentary film mentioned above in DVD format.

Could you please let me know if you are able to supply us this film?

Looking forward to your reply



19 11 2011
Steven Matthews

Clive Barau,
You will get to know who I am when you get to the bottom of the crisis origins, but thank you for setting this up postings and updating ourselves, most importantly is to advocate on protecting our ‘stolen rights ‘, there’s more from me to be shared

Steven Matthews

17 12 2011

HI Clive,
I met you in Melbourne, Australia, in Dec 2011, at the Ross House, where you screened your second film on Mekamui to a Christian organisation.
I met you before the screening and starting learning about the issue and what you are working for. It was an interesting chat.
Good to see the initiative of your community and yourself.
Keep up the good work.
Much encouragement,

24 12 2011
Tristan Nettles

Hi Clive,
I am a soon to be graduate of the University of North Florida and I have been trying to find contacts in Bougainville to try and become a volunteer teacher. Could you direct me to the proper person/group?

5 01 2012

Dear Clive,

It was wonderful to meet you today. You are a very inspiring individual, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Peace and absolute respect,


5 11 2012

Dear People of Mekamui, I salute you From Argentina, where theres a struggle against mega-minning too, in wich I participate.. Your example is huge! If you ever need solidarity Just say so and We`ll burn down papua ambassy if necesary! hereĀ“s my email cosmoclasta@hotmail.com

22 11 2012
david prichard

hey Clive Really great work you are doing !!

12 03 2013
Paul Cook

Clive, maybe the mine is the only way forward, i was there in 2001 with PMG, and i love the place, people and culture, but only if all bougainvillians can bond together, and lay down your laws, rights and plans for a better future, then maybe you can create a beteer future for your people, love you work….
cookie (fuel depot LST 2001)

22 10 2013

The story of your people is the most inspiring I have ever heard. I am showing the documentary about your struggle “The Coconut Revolution” tomorrow night here in the USA. Thank you for posting the more recent news from Bougainville. I admire how you still do not want to reopen the Panguna mine. Stay strong! If there is anyway to support you please let me know.

1 05 2014
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Thanks , I’ve just been looking for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?

19 12 2014
Georgina Kirkman

dear Clive
I just saw the movie “Cocoanut Revolution” I didn’t know anything about Bougainville before. I have so much respect for your people and their struggles. Mining tries to destroy people and cultures but you have proved the people can win. You don’t accept capitalism as the only way to live. Bravo! Success in your continued struggle.
Georgina Victoria CANADA

23 09 2015
Malie Sarsona

Aloha Clive,

My name is Malie Sarsona and I am a junior in high school at Kanu o Ka Aina in Hawai’i. I am doing a research project on native leaders making a change in the world, and I’d really like to do my project on you and your people. I feel that this is an issue that can impact all native people if we are just able to teach it in schools and community. We are facing many issues in Hawaii with the American government, so I believe my research project can definitely help our people. Please e-mail me as soon as you can at sarsona.malie@kalo.org. This will be a project shared with my whole school and community. Thank you very much for your help!

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