Bioaccumednaturale Clinic In Arawa

28 08 2017

From my base in Honiara I inbox Connie Bireo that I am coming to Arawa. She gave me her mobile number. When arrived and on the last 3 days of my stay in Arawa I rang her and told her we are leaving on the 19th can we meet up.

Needle only works

She agreed and late in the evening after her last patience left she came to meet me with her bodyguard and a security dog. While chatting she heard me coughing and told me if I want the cough to go away she can gave me treatment in her clinic & will give me special fee. I says ok ok that is great as the cough been on me for long even after seeing a private Dr who gave me so many tablets which I gave up drinking them after feeling dizzy.

Needle on the head

I told her will be at your clinic 8am the next day. I went there and she only put needles into my hand, leg and head then I lay there for one hour. After one hour I thank her and went to the Conference. The next day I felt better no cough all gone so I asked her to do a short interview on the camera, she agreed so I asked my bradaman from Kanaky New Caledonia to come with me.

Needle on the leg

We did a short interviewed with her, one main question I asked her was about the needle she use as many people might get worry if she is using that same needle however she told me she disposes the needle after using it on a patience.

TCM Practioner Connie Biireo

She treat 6-8 patience a day and they gets better, the good thing I see is you don’t need to drink medicine. IF you are around Bougainville and Arawa area why don’t try get help from her clinic if you don’t drink medicine.

Dr Connie Bireo & Jean-Guy from New Caledonia

The Clinic located near the Arawa main market second street section 14.

Dr Connie Bireo




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