28 08 2017

Some two months ago my facebook friend from Vanuatu Symoh Joel [wansolwara bradaman] told me that they are going to my beautiful island, Bougainville. He says they will have a meeting in Panguna from August 14-18th, I reply and asked him if I could join in and film their trip. He replied and asked me how many with me, I told only me and myself.

MILDA Team in Port Moresby ready to board flight to Buka

I was on my toes when he told me I am in, awesome I say to myself thanks wansolwara bradaman. I delay my other overseas trip cos I want to be part of this team call MILDA who are visiting my island.

Arriving in Buka

Crossing Buka Passage to mainland Bougainville


MILDA Girls buying mangoes on the Buka Highway road side market

Mother from Makosi village welcoming us with a sprinkle of water from bamboo

I met with Methodius Iapara a member of the team from Honiara before we boarded the Air New Guinea flight, met 3 members from Vanuatu and a bradaman from New Caledonia on the same flight. Mr Iapara knows the 3 Vanuatu members but brada kanaky is a new member like me, we became very good friends in no time.

Nasioi welcome Dutasisi

In PNG capital Port Moresby we met the rest of the team, Symoh Joe the team leader who was in PNG couple days earlier and the two girls from Fiji with one girl from Png a total of 10 in the team.
Saturday 12th August an early morning flight to Buka was delayed so we arrived tin Buka after 12pm. Nathan and two women were in Buka to wait for us. Took a bus to catch the boat across to the mainland Bougainville.

From Kokopau we travelled to Arawa about 4 hours trip then went to Panguna down the tailings to a village call Makosi where the conference going to take place.

A small traditional welcome by a village senior woman which she sprinkle water from bamboo to us, later in the night a more formal ceremony was held, in Nasioi call it Dutasisi with a coconut oil from the traditional food tamatama wipe the part of face and leg. The other women were chanting traditional tune when two women did it.

We had tamatama after the short ceremony, for most of the MILDA team tamatama is a new food but they enjoyed it. We went to sleep after eating and sharing stories…

Makosi kids



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