7 12 2014

My time with Kyle happens to run out so have to get in touch with my comrade JM for wheels so Kyle could talk and meet one of the most wanted man and his head was tag for K200 thousand dead or alive during the height of the man.
We took off to Aropa or Tunaia his base with out even contacting him. I saw him in Buka from a distance the past week and just signal him with hand sign that I will see him when in Arawa, Aropa Tunaia.
The BSP Arawa stuff were having their Christmas party at his resident beside the beach when we arrived. His wife saw me and came running with a big smile welcoming us. She invited us to her garden area, which is so green and beautiful and told me that her husband is swimming with his grand kids in the sea.

Josephine Kauona

Josephine Kauona

I Told Kyle that he should start the tape rolling by chatting with Josephine the wife of the former BRA General because she got great and sad stories to tell about our struggle.
Later, the man himself came over and welcomes us; Sam Kauona is a very open person that is one thing I like about him.
He told us the last legal battle is on section 8 & 9 of the new Bougainville mining law, which must be deleted, as it is giving BCL the rights.
Kyle has been to Aceh province in Indonesia and talked with the Rebel leader there and he told me later that Sam is just like him.
We left him later in the evening wishing him best of luck with the last legal battle.
Sam Kauona

Sam Kauona




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