Changes taking Place

17 11 2014

After away from home for 14 months I came back home on the 5th of November 2014. I went straight to my village after spending 4 hours in Arawa. Arrived in my village over looking Arawa town at 8 pm local time.
I spent all day resting and trying to catch up with clan, family, village stories. The story that caught my attention was the setting up of a working team to beautify and do something that later in the near future might bring some kind of income for the villagers.
We have a waterfall that in the old days the employees of BCL, {the white people} used to come for swim and picnic. The village men who formed the group called Meco Habitat Team started to beautify the waterfall surroundings.
Further down the river they started cleaning the area for a fishpond and small wind house to be built after the fishpond is completed.
I congratulate the Meco Habitat Team for the well done job and with their on going work.




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21 11 2014
belden zaipz

Very interesting

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