Missing Persons Sea Burial And Remembrance Day

10 11 2014

I went to Buka on the 10th from Arawa with the relatives, widows and family members of those that still missing up to this date to attend the missing persons sea burial remembrance day in Buka.
Upon arrival we jumped on the boat from Kokopau, Mainland Bougainville to Buka town on the island of Buka. There we waited for some 40 minutes for the people of Buka to arrived before the women and men march in silent to the Bel Isi Park.
After the speeches by the women leaders, chiefs and leaders of the ABG we went down the to seafront to board the badge for throwing down the flowers. They sang and threw down to the sea the flowers to forget their love ones who went missing on the sea some at this very passage.
IMG_4590 copy
While returning back to the Bel Isi Park they sang the song, Burdens are lifted at Calvary and Pr Terry Mose end the Programme with a word of Prayer.
For many of the widows, relatives family members they want to see a proper burial unfortunately where about of the missing persons is not know up to this day so they finish it with just throwing the flowers down to the sea.

IMG_4609 copy
IMG_4717 copy
IMG_4719 copy




One response

14 11 2014
christopher kena

As a true Bougainvillean, I fully support the Missing Person initiative in order for true and complete peace to return to the people of Bougainville. The soul of the deceases who went missing are still crying in their hidding places wanting their immediate family members to conduct proper burial for them. I believe only then, true peace will return to Bougainville and people will enjoy the similar kind of life that was enjoyed before Crisis.

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