5 11 2014

Border Islands

Border Islands

While crossing the border from Taro, Choiseul Island yesterday then when we reached the border between my motherland and Solomon Islands I told the skipper of the boat to stop so that I would spend few minutes to respect and cry for my fallen comrades and fellow island brothers and sisters who lost their lives while crossing the border in the hands of PNG Security Forces who shoot at anything that moves and swim on the sea.




2 responses

6 11 2014
Alwyn Kawona

Good papa.. it seem that you are going home for your xmas holiday. How nice of you to respect the fallen ones. May our tears been with them.

Enjoy your trip home to Arawa.


6 11 2014
david prichard

clive u r a good man !! may only good things lie ahead for mekamui and its people

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