Mekamui & ABG Unity

30 07 2014

Mekamui & ABG Unity
Anthony Kaybing

The MekamuiFaction has pledged its support to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and to work together for Bougainville’s greater good.
Mekamui President Philip Miriori made this pledge during a reconciliation ceremony between Mekamui members of North and Central Bougainville.
“Time is against us so our journey towards referendum and independence is in the hands of the common Bougainvillean to work hard to achieve what we fought and died for,” MrMiriori said.
“The next step of this reconciliation will begin immediately for the Mekamui faction to work with Autonomous Bougainville Government and our President Chief Dr John Momis,” MrMiriori added.
MrMiriori said Mekamui’s stand now is for the leaders to take control of peace and unify all Bougainvilleans.
President Momis expressed his satisfaction and joy at the initiative undertaken by the Mekamui in reconciling in its members.
“I want to congratulate the leaders and all the people responsible for taking the steps to reconcile through our Bougainvillean customs to say sorry,” President Momis said.
“As Christians it is also our duty to reconcile and say sorry to one and other so I am truly happy at your initiative,” President Momis added.
The President said that this is a foretaste of big things to come where Bougainville will finally unite and achieve its goal of self-determination.
The President also said that he is very confident that Bougainville will achieve its goal and reassured the people that Bougainville’s progress in peace and unity will prevail.
“The Mekamui Government is the government of all Bougainvilleans and through unity with the ABG we will prevail,” President Momis said.
“The ABG through the Bougainville Peace Agreement is the vehicle that will bring us toward the next frontier of our journey for self-determination which is independence,” declared President Momis.
“Despite the differences and reservations people may have, which is absolutely normal, the ABG in union with the other factions will be the independent government for Bougainville should the people wish it through our referendum,” the President said.
MrMiriori and the Mekamui hierarchy who were present supported President Momis’ stance and pledged to work toward peace and Bougainville’s unity with the ABG.




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31 07 2014

Peace through unity!
Perhaps you may consider the consensus decision making process which allows everyone an even seat at the table where decisions are made.

Here is a link:

Haudenosaunee Confederacy is a consensus based system that brought together warring nations as one confederacy. The confederacy is over 1,000 years old. Chief Oren Lyons of the Onondaga Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy has many youtube videos. Here is a link:

Every time I have worked with a group of people trained in consensus decision making, we achieved our goals including stopping the destruction of ancient forests in Canada and South America, stopping the pollution of industrial paper mill in Washington State, and other escapades.

..this communication process is really powerful, it is what allowed the (World Trade Organization) WTO protests in Seattle in 1999 happen–Industrial labor unions joined with indigenous, environmental, faith, and education groups opposed the WTO.

31 07 2014

Congratulations, good luck with the referendum.

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