2 04 2014

Dear Chairman Daveona,

As I reflected on your e-mail regarding the leaseholders desire to
accept a K13 million settlement from BCL, I think that it is important
that you realize that the decision to accept BCL’s fraudulent
calculation does not put an end to the suffering that the communities
have endured. Rather, it will conclude their lives with the last
injury inflicted by BCL. Their suffering, which if we pursue the full
benefit due the people and the country, could serve as the funding
source for a new economy and an Autonomous land will be given away for
a “bowl of porridge” served by a corrupt organization. The
leaseholder decision is to give away your birthright for an enemy who
has contempt for you and is taking the emotions of the people as the
last form of manipulation.
I am already aware that BCL and Rio Tinto’s accountants have been
advised of the fact that a new paradigm is being considered. I have
had conversations with them about becoming a part of the solution
rather than the problem. Therefore, this is EXACTLY the wrong time to
give in to the temptation being offered in the wilderness of years of
sadness. This is a time to truly educate the people that the seeds of
an entire future are right before them and a host of international
witnesses are watching. For all the pain, suffering and misery that
BCL has cost, do not let 40 pieces of silver blind the community to
the treachery that it represents to this and all future generations.
By accepting the offer of BCL, you would:
– limit the Independent State of Papua New Guinea’s ability to collect
tax and penalty income of as much as K43 million;
– limit the landowner’s ability to receive benefit of over K100 million; and,
– set a precedent that KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers can continue to
mislead and conceal on behalf of their clients BCL and Rio Tinto
without consequence.
If the future of Bougainville is to be sustainable, independent and
free, this is the time to stand with renewed resolve – not to
surrender to the forces of fear, mortality and greed.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Martin



One response

11 04 2014

There is a film which documents the War during the Blockade the and effects on the People and their lifestyles, hiding deep in Jungle to avoid the “patrol boats, helicopters and Care centres”. Bougainville – “Our Island, Our Fight”.

To understand Bougainville and the people and processes in War; – Watch this film which has won many Awards around the Globe and is lucky available via iTunes in most Countries Global.

help spread the work of independent media and film makers and ensure you friends and family get a copy.



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