27 03 2014

27 March 2014

By Aloysius Laukai in Hutjena

The two-days Bougainville women’s forum this afternoon started getting recommendations on the future if the Panguna mine.

The women started presentations starting with South Bougainville, Central and North Bougainville.

On the Presentations, the Buin district women fully supported the ABG by recommending the immediate reopening of the mine but with conditions and for a certain period of time.

The women of Buin wanted funds from the mine and re-invested into Agriculture,Fisheries and Tourism.

The presentation by the Siwai women also supported the reopening but demanded other social issues that goes with the mine re opening.

Bana women also wanted the mine reopening but gave conditions.



One response

27 03 2014
Peter Nerau

The Meekamui Women of Panguna find it ridiculous to hear that the Bougainville Women in Mining are supporting the reopening of Panguna Mine when they themselves are ignorant of the facts why the mine was closed. Stella Placid one of the principal female landowner in the mine pit said that BCL is not welcome in Panguna. They are responsible for the 20,000 lives who perished during the uprising. They also used dangerous chemicals to destroy the eco-system on the land and we cannot grow taro or do any fishing in the rivers. As you can see today; the Jaba river is polluted, our people relocated with a complete disregard for their needs and the needs of future generations and we lost our land; said Stella Placid. Therefore, our concern not to open the mine must be respected by ABG and stop their political rehetorics and develop the agriculture and fishing sector. The truth is that we the landowners in the mine pit areas are united in our opposition to the reopening of the mine; said Stella Placid.

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