22 03 2014

By Peter Nerau

The people of South Bougainville said that in the absence of a strong and decisive government with no clear cut policies to protect them from what they called “restricted business activity for nationals” they won’t hestitate to force those foreigners to leave their locality by using People’s Power as in the case of the Chinese who were told to leave Buin Town recently.

The People’s Power Movement in South Bougainville said that they are not against the Chinese but they should invest in high impact projects that the local people do not have the capacity to perform these type of businesses.

They said that they do welcome foreigners to come to Bougainville and establish Joint Venture high impact projects with the locals but they warn that the restricted business activity will be protected by the People’s Power if ABG is turning a bline eye and not taking any action to protect them. They believe that the current government is very weak and not protecting them as citizens.




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