22 03 2014

By Peter Nerau from Panguna,

Chinese Shop in Buin Looted

Chinese Shop in Buin Looted

Some Chinese Businessman who were involved in wholesale and retail
business were told to leave Buin Town last week. These activities are restricted business only reserved for Bougainvilleans. When Momis advocated his much publicise China Policy after signing 6 MOAs with Chinese Businesses and Companies the idea was to engage these
companies in manufacturing and other businesses the locals did not
have the capacity to perform. But this was a misconception because
when the Chinese came to Bougainville they started running retail and
wholesale businesses that agitated the locals. The ransacking of
wholesale and retail stores in Buin Town is a result of the
frustrations of the community in Buin Town and the whole of South
Bougainville in what they see as double standard and lies perpetrated
by the Political Head of the ABG. Because of his Chinese blood the
people were led to believe that Momis has a stake in these reserved
businesses only for Bougainvilleans.




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