World Vision helps villagers

20 03 2014

Source: Post-Courier



Children of Pavaere village enjoying the clean fresh water supply to their homes courtesy of World Vision. Picture: DICKSON SIPARU

DICKSON Siparu from Pavaere village thanked World Vision on behalf of the community for installing a proper water supply for the village. Mr Siparu said after 50 years the village, with a population of more than 500, will finally have access to clean fresh water, thanks to World Vision and plumbers Francis Akai, chief Biria Tavekau and chief Moses Rotung.
World Vision installed two storage tanks which will act as gravity feeds to outlets such as taps, kitchens and toilets. Teachers at Pavaere Primary School along with their students will have easy access to water points. “Mothers and children won’t be taking their long walks to the creeks along the valleys to fetch water for cooking, drinking and laundry anymore. Our school has a water supply – teachers and children are happy now as they have water at their doorsteps too,” Mr Siparu said.
Mr Siparu is now encouraging the community especially the youth to look after the water supplies. “Do not cut the pipes, respect and use the water supply to the fullest as water is life and will benefit all of us and our community,” Mr Siparu appealed to his community members of Pavaere Village, a 15 minutes uphill drive out of Arawa town.



One response

5 04 2014
Omie Consultants

I am very very happy about this success that world vision has done with equal participation of the Pavaire community members, These NGOs give us very freely and we all should appreciate their generous gifts at no costs…all it needs from us is; time, commitment, dedication and ownership” I was the one who led the team in 2011 to conduct the baseline surveys.
Omie Consultants:

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