Police chief wants Musingku out of hiding

6 03 2014

Source: Post-Courier


BOUGAINVILLE’S acting Assistant Commissioner for police Paul Kamuai is appealing to money scam operator Noah Musingku to come out of his hiding place and comply with the decisions reached by the Autonomous Bougainville Government. Superintendent Kamuai said if Mr Musingku believes that he has some good plans concerning the development of Bougainville, then he should come out and discuss them with the ABG.
“If Noah Musingku has some good plans available that can be good for Bougainville, by all means he must come work with ABG,” Mr Kamuai said. “If he knows that what he’s doing is not right, then it’s good for Bougainville that he must also come out and with the police and government, we find ways to address problems that he is causing there.”
Mr Kamuai said the refusal by the money scam operator to work with the ABG was very embarrassing to all Bougainvilleans. He said the current illegal activities conducted by Mr Musingku and his followers at their base in Tonu, Siwai District of South Bougainville will create setbacks in Bougainville’s journey towards its political future.




One response

11 05 2014
Solomon Samuel

Mr. Paul Kamuai must realize that he is insulting the Monarch. There’s no one hiding in Tonu. Why can’t he just go and meet personally with the Monarch rather than pouring out venom in the media? Everyone including reps from ABG, Meekamui, PNG, UN, Inter Peace, World Peace Council, etc, goes to Tonu regularly for discussions with the Monarch and Government. There’s no one hiding there. It looks like Paul Kamuai was really drunk when making this statement. He urgently needs penicillin injection of sober truth.

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