26 02 2014

By Alex Munme
A Woman leader has expressed concern on the lack of management skills to promote and increase cocoa production which has been badly hit by cocoa pod borer.
Isabel Peta from Buin raised the concern last weekend in Buka.
She said farmers know how to plant and harvest cocoa but lack the knowledge and skills to manage to increase production.
She is appealing to the government for training so that farmers have the management skills to prevent cocoa pod borer.
Mrs. Peta said although DPI has steps to follow as a way to manage cocoa pod borer, there is need for more awareness and training.
She said pruning and fertilizer application are two other areas the farmers need to know.
The Woman leader also challenged the government to fund training to prevent cocoa pod borer and increase cocoa production.

Picture of a Opened Cocoa Pod




One response

27 02 2014
dave sansone

Cocoa growers may be interested in Korean Natural Farming (see Cho Global Natural Farming) for biofertilizers that improve health and food sources of soil microbes(how nature fertilizes). Other fertilizers often pollute the water and kill microbes, thus leading to increased imported inputs like pesticides, fungicides and other expensive toxic products.

Korean Natural Farming’s Water Soluble Calcium (WCA) helps plants protect themselves. Egg oil (raw or cooked–google it) has been used to fight pests naturally.

The best way is to develop diverse forest farms that have “ecological services” including overstory tree habitat for birds and predatory insects like preying mantis. Just one or a few species in a field will always be prone to pests, disease, poor nutrient cycling.

Diversity in crops also helps reduce the risk since growing one crop for export is a dangerous gamble if the crop fails, the market bottoms out, or shipping is prohibitively expensive.

High end organic and medicinal crops including CBD varieties of marijuana–safe effective medicine for children with epilpsy can offer higher income. Organic Moringa olifera is very expensive right now and is very quick growing. It is also very high in nutrition and can feed people during a famine. Cacao takes much processing and isn’t really a nutritional rock star…

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