25 02 2014

By Aloysius Laukai

Two Environment groups in Central Bougainville will receive FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND KINA from the United Nations Development Program, Global Development Facility, Small Grants Program.

The GEF SGP is a world wide fund that assists small community based organizations to protect and preserve the Natural environment.

The Paruparu Conservation Group will receive US DOLLAR ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS TO DEVELOP AND TEACH SUSTAINABLE FARMING METHODS AND Develop village level technologies for Micro Electricity Supply.

And the other beneficiary is the ROTOKAS ECO TOURISM GROUP who will get the remaining funds for working to develop Eco Tourism in the Wakunai and Torokina areas along the NumaNuma Track which is a World War 2 Track.

Both the Conservation groups were very thankful for the support and assistance provided under the UNDP Small Grants Program.

Leader of the Paru Paru group, CHARLES MIKUA and JUNIAS REPIRIRI from the Rotokas Eco Tourism group said that they were pleased to receive this funding and this will surely assist them in educating their communities on sustaining their projects into the future.

Meanwhile the UNDP HEAD on Bougainville, ANTHONY AGYENTA said that he was pleased to bring this money to Bougainville to make sure UNDP Partner with communities to undertake environment work.

The MOU was signed by the UN Country Representative, ROY TRIVEDY who returned to Port Moresby this afternoon.

ROY TRIVEDY pictured signing the MOU in Buka today




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