Rio Tinto and BCL are not welcome in Panguna

20 02 2014

Peter Nerau

BCL are not welcome in Panguna. They were the reason why the mine was closed.

They failed to address landowner’s issues. They underestimated the educated landowners like the late Francis Ona.

CRA and BCL were themselves bullies assisted by the racist Australian Colonial Administration to trespass on the people’s land. They were never invited at the first place. They forced their way into Panguna and Bougainville without any invitation and consent of the people.

BCL the people of the Meekamui Tribal Nation and the Meekamui Defence Force do not want BCL back in Panguna.

Momis is a failed leader. He has blood in his hands. He has no respect of the culture of the people of Bougainville. The blood of the 20,000 lives are crying to be memorise and their spirits put to rest.

The present Panguna Landowners Association is not the true representative of all the landowners in Panguna.

The Meekamui Government is the entity that represents the true aspirations of all the landowners and they don’t want the mine to be open at this stage without addressing outstanding issues like memorial and compensation.

The Meekamui frankly do not welcome BCL and ABG at Panguna which is a no go zone to protect the resources of the people.

The Meekamui are the custodian of the people’s resources and they will continue to protect these resources by following the footstep of their late human rights leader Francis Ona.




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