Remarks From Justin J Borgia on Panguna Issue

14 02 2014

By Justin Jose Borgia

There are many good views expressed by bougies for and against the mining issue. given the complex nature of the issue, and the rights for BCL under the colonial BCA agreement, and the legacy issues as a result of mining 72-89, it is legally complex for ABG towards preparing landowners and itself to negotiate a new deal with whoever investor, which is will permanently and finally end the BCA once it adopts its own bville mining law.

this week the ex-combatants, of all three regions of bville, including Thomas Tari, Sam Kauona, Glen Tovirka, Marcellin Getsi, Peter Bari, etc, have been involved in an atmosphere of cooperation and partnership consulting on the draft mining law. and they are now beginning to appreciate the complex issues involved of the old regime and the new regime entails that is totally unique from PNG, and other parts of the world, with provisions like ownership of minerals and licensing going to the people. this process of consultations will continue, to all key stakeholders on bougainville. you must be reminded that ABG is very mindful of this law, and bougainivlleans are contributing to create this law. so it takes time.

Be reminded that critics from all fronts have been very healthy and useful for ABG in this particular issue.The excombatants have requested for more educational consultations, as they begin to appreciate the issues they never knew previously.



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