Miringtoro unaware of Panguna claims

11 02 2014

Joy Kisselpar | PNG Edge

Panguna mine site

The Member for Central Bougainville Jimmy Miringtoro says the demands of “belkol moni” made by the Chief of the Barapang Village of Me’ekamui are silly.

Miringtoro says that he is not aware of the demands of K5 million or K150 million as stated by Chief Blaise Iruini.

He says for now, as the process for reconciliation slowly starts the focus now it is to restore basic government services

“For now we want to concentrate on developing our bridges, fixing our road systems, the hospitals, schools and all that,” he says.

Miringtoro is appealing to his people not to politicise efforts for reconciliation.

He says people should really concentrate, too, on working in partnership with their district representatives both at the local level and national level to ensure that government services are restored without much difficulty.

“Although we have gone through a lot in the past, we must learn to be part of a larger community and the country as we look to a referendum,” says Miringtoro.




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