11 02 2014

By Aloysius Laukai

Four Bougainvillean youths are now in Fiji to study Tourism work in the Fiji Islands for the next six weeks.
This Tourism project was announced by the Minister for Tourism, BOKA KONDRA at the Opening of the Bougainville show in Buka last year.
MR. BOKA KONDRA said that from those selected to go to Fiji, Bougainville will have four.
These four participants from Bougainville left for Fiji last week and will return to Bougainville after six weeks.
According to the Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA another six Bougainvilleans will be sponsored again for another six weeks.
MR. LERA made this known during his weekly radio program on New Dawn FM.
He said that he intends to send ten students each year and by the end of his five year term he would have trained Fifty people in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.
The first people selected are already involved in the Tourism sector.




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