8 02 2014

By Chris Baria in Arawa

The Deputy town Manager of Arawa Town Mr. Peter Miriki, has been admitted to the Arawa Health Centre with a serious knife wounds to his left arm.

Mr. Miriki was travelling to work on Friday morning when a group of men armed with knives, grass knives and firearms stopped his work vehicle and attacked him. He sustained a deep cut to his upper left arm which barely missed the main nerve and motor control system to his hand.

Dr. Joseph Vilosi who treated him said that PETER MIRIKI was in stable condition and was lucky that knife missed his main artery of the hand.

The motive for this attack is unknown but Arawa Police have identified those who were involved in his attempted murder.
A fight nearly erupted between parties who tried to defend Peter from further attacks.

Sergeant Herman Burenka who is incharge of the Arawa Police Station said that the situation was under control and he had appealed for calm from relatives.

Police did manage to get the Town Council that was taken from Peter during the attack.

Police are investigating this incident.

Photo: Credit Chris Baria



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