3 02 2014

Momis: Bougainville can decide on Panguna later

Aloysius Laukai | New Dawn

The ABG President, John Momis is calling on the people of Bougainville no matter what faction they come from to be committed for Bougainville’s development into the future.

He was speaking on New Dawn FM this morning.

The President said that the recent trip by the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill to Bougainville showed his commitment for Bougainville and the ball was in Bougainville’s court to make this commitments work.

He said that it was now time for Bougainville to unite and support the momentum created by this trip to develop the region.

President MOMIS said that the Papua New Guinea, Prime Minister has clearly stated that Panguna was in the hands of the landowners and the Autonomous Bougainville Government and they can decide on it at a later date.

He said that his main aim was to build the infrastructures needed urgently like road, bridges, airports, Hospitals and Schools to prepare the place for the approaching referendum.

President Momis said that trip by the Prime Minister was a wakeup call for Bougainvilleans to come out from their slumber and contribute to peace building and development programs for Bougainville.

He said that Bougainville was in the hands of all Bougainvilleans and making Autonomy work or achieving an acceptable result in the coming referendum will depend on how we are united and preparing for this referendum.

President Momis further warned that if Bougainville fails this time this would be the end of Bougainville as nobody would want to trust us in future.




One response

3 02 2014
dave sansone

While PNG and ABG leaders speak of the former mine being in “the hands of landowners and ABG”, I must ask, why is it not in the hands of the landowners’ completely?

Societies that trully represent people go from the bottom up, not top down like in “American Democracy” which is not democracy at all.

Regarding development, in the US roads have divided the land (forest. water, and people) and caused great erosion from runoff water, rapid spread of invasive plants, pollution from vechicles, destruction of local economies, loss of the youth to urban centers to serve as the base of industrial civilzation and the inevitable collapse of family and each proceeding generation embraces “western” technology and mindset.
Pretty much every kind of development that any politicians talk about is in deed destruction in the name of progress. Of course they are trying to meet the people’s needs, but in reality, everything you need is there…especially in Mekamui where the forest is still strong –the land and people haven’t been completely destabilized like most of the world.

In Hawai’i, a group called Restore Hawai’i is working toward a new kind of development that helps local people develop reliable sustainable ways to meet their diverse needs through collaboration within local and global communities.

Hawai’i Islanders are taking this action because the land, water and people of Hawai’i are suffering immensely as a result of “development”–short life expectancy, lack of food security, severely deforested and degraded island losing its rain and access to fresh water.

We are creating interactive web templates and sharing our start up documents/organizational process to help others set up a similiar situation.

Please contact me if you are interested or would like to share info about projects you are working on to improve the health of the land, water, and people where you live. Contact :

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