18 12 2013

Michael is from Pirurari village, one of the villages on the affected Jaba River. He mentioned that before the mine when upstream was pure jungle they drink from the water and the river runs way down but due to the waste been dumped it raised and the village had to move to where it is today.



Pirurari Village

Pirurari Village

According to the last BCL’s environmental report before the mine closed it was stated that the water is drinkable but Michael strongly believe that the water is poisonous to drink even when they swim on it their body turns blue.
From the colour itself it doesn’t look inviting to drink
Jaba 2

So the question on the new mining law is, will it clean this mess up or it will further worsen it from what it is now. Michael reckons it may takes up to 135 years before the river system is recover.

If the effects are minimum it may sounds good but when it comes to mining the effects is so large overweight the good side of it. Michael said that if there had been a development by BCL you can see it but instead they turn this river into blue and dangerous.

Jaba river

Jaba river




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