5 11 2013


They want to abuse our land again because they regard it as a commodity belonging to them with the promises of better services etc.

Land is our mother and we treat it with love and respect.
To reopen the mine will not be a straightforward matter: the process will be very complicated; it will consume time, money, blood, sweat and tears.

Its time to move and engage in simple, straight forward uncomplicated activities through mobilization of existing resources, financial, human, knowledge: But when been influence and nearly control by the foreign crazy for our commodity will face obstacles and consume time which could have be spent on other beneficial things.




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6 11 2013
dave sansone

Western civilization is a problem wherever it goes. The (Me-first worlders) are taught in school about how farmers grow food, factories make tractors, and we buy everything we need. Commodification is part of the cultural story that large businesses and large government have created. They say we have better than the rest of the world, but the US is one of the sickest places on earth with the highest rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses.

The reality is that wherever the land and inhabitants–people (employees), trees, rocks, minerals, animals are commodified, they destruction soon follows. Nature, especially like in Meekamui where it hasn’t been destroyed by 100 years of industry, grazing or agriculture, offers everything needed, and the nature will tell us how to get it the right way if we ask.for permission and guidance–this is what I have come across in my interactions with indigenous cultures and have come to rely on with my interactions with the earth..

The pipe dreams they offer are lies. The indigenous people are always the poorest and the sickest whenever western civilization is allowed in. Civilization devours forests, schools of fish, and leaves a trail of deserts and dead coral reefs in its path of conquest. Their plundering of the earth provides them with temporary wealth and power, but their squeezing the life out of the earth will leave them with nothing.

Until then, you have a chance to protect your land, guard your borders from those who do harm(in the name of good), and guard your government from those who would sell out the people and the land ol Meekamui. Meekamui may be one of the rarest gems on earth since you have resisted industrial exploitation.

You and many generations could be the weathiest people on earth eating the best foods in a garden eden if you protect the island and grow food forests and your roots. My ancestors failed to protect the land and it became deforested. I work hard to reforest having planted 10’s of thousands of trees. The food forest (permaculture) movement is growing around the world. Our goal is too overgrow the troublesome economic system with a more productive, ecologically sound and socially just system.

From Hawaii, aloha aina!

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