28 08 2013
King Pei

King Pei

On 16th of August Mekamui news got an invitation from Meekamui Governments which links with Noah Misingku and the Kingdom of Papala. We took off from Arawa at about 1:30am to be in Tonu the Kings Square before the official closing of the 40 days 40 nights celebration. All of the King Pei leaders know me and I was welcome to film their closing ceremony.
At 11am the official closing ceremony started with choir singing the system song, than the parade by the Soldiers, which was very colourful than the rising of the flag. Followed by speeches by their leaders and later the King himself took the small stage in front of his house.
I have one common connection with them that is NO MINING ON BOUGAINVILLE. The King in his speech says that we have kicked out Rio Tinto and BCL because we want to preserve our culture and environment. One of the Commanders in his Army told me the same story we don’t want mining and no to BCL return.

The day ended with colourful traditional dancing and singsings.

Foreign Diplomats

Foreign Dilpomats





PNG Delegatiom

PNG Delegation




One response

4 09 2013
Steven Pihani Tohui

Thanks Johnny for putting up the mekamui latest news for every one to know and see for than selves whats happening in Bougainville or now know as Ophir Islands. Mainly whats happening besides ABG or in the mekamui teritory.

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