27 07 2013

The Reeds Festival which took place in Tuviana on the 24th and 25th was very colourful and proved that Bougainvilleans still have its culture despite the influence of the western modern world. Various cultural groups from around the Island came to display their cultural dance and songs. Few played contemporary music, which nearly put me on my toes; the words of the songs are all original, talks about the Island struggle and to hold onto our culture.
In the Pacific Islands which include Mekamui/Bougainville we are very much lucky to still hold onto our land and culture, which makes us important. In many countries many indigenous people lost their land but hold onto their culture.
Mekamui news interviewed a carver who mentioned that their lead carver Joe is teaching them how to carve things, faces etc from wood and than they are passing it down to the younger generation.
The Reeds Festival has been funded by “ THE CHRISTENSEN FUND ever since it started by late William Takaku, speaking during the festival ABG minister for Primary Industry makes a declaration that Autonomous Bougainville Government will step in to fund some infrastructure at the venue.




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28 07 2013
dave sansone

Please hold to your land and your cultures. Yes, celebrate them and be proud to be people of the land, a land that treats her people with generosity.

Hawai’i has one island completely bombed by the US military for prepare for war. Before the military began attacking the Koho’olave Island, it was completely made barren by goats that were not under control

It is important to protect the culture and the land for future generations so that they do not become homeless and poor beyond belief. There are so many sick, homeless, and deformed people in Hawai’i–don’t believe the lies of freedom, golden roads and a better future that can exist only if you sell the earth or let others destroy it. Their relationship with nature illustrates their relationship with your people. Miner were willing to use a large military to keep operations going despite absolute destruction, pleas and protests

The more outsiders try to take land and run busineses, the more of a need for the military to protect their property. Follow your hearts and stay true to your family, ancestors, and land–for that is all we have in this world. Much of it has been taken away where ever the westerners have gone. People can be controlled when they are hostages to a souless global economy.

Aloha aina!

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