25 07 2013

Gregory Kopa

Gregory Kopa was a young man when CRA came looking for Gold and Copper
in his Moroni Valley, he and many of his village people were against the
project, which later turned into a big hole and the relocation of their
After seeing the short film which was cut from the film “My Valley is
Changing” I went up to Panguna on the 24th of July during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the three [3] top Commanders from
Kieta in Central Mekamui/Bougainville. I tracked him down and did a short
interview with him.
He told me that he was 30 years old when the film was shot, after the
mining was forced down on them he and his people were relocated to New
Moroni with iron roof houses. Later when the Bougainville conflict
started the PNG security forces burned down the all-entire New Moroni
village so they moved to a new location now. He told Mekamui News that
the benefits they received in those days were not equal to the
destruction caused to their land and environment.
When asked what his stand is now in regards to the story of BCL returning
back and reopening the mine he strongly left that matter up to the new
generation, but deep in his heart he doesn’t want BCL to return and
reopen the mine.
Gregory Kopa Is now 83 years old.



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