13 07 2013

It’s a very sad situation, the way the leaders are going about with the mining forum and the push for re-opening of the close Panguna mine. Mekamui news always maintains that the pro-mining leaders manipulated the forum with the backing from BCL and its shareholders.

This is the truth, that those who attended the past forums were those who were invited by the facilitators who in many ways 70-80% for re-opening of the mine and who would and have contributed in favour of re-opening the mine. For those others who were invited and 80-90% No to re-opening the mine were brainstorm by the facilitators at the start of the forums that the cry for Independence will not be possible if the mine doesn’t open so during the meetings they change their minds.

After the couple of forums held so far the ABG president is saying that a minority are still against reopening the mine which is what Mekamui news been stating over and over again that it will leads to killing machine. Mekamui news found out that the bulk of the grass roots people out in the villages are still against reopening the mine and hasn’t given the chance to voice their views and concern out.

A prominent businessman and landowner from Tungpusiong told Mekamui news on Friday in Arawa that they are against reopening the mine they don’t want anymore waste dump down to them. Also on Tuesday 9th July when waiting for transport at Morgen check point to go to Siwai Colonel Alex Dakamari who is in charge of the check point told Mekamui News that even they [ABG] or whoever talk about reopening the mine the answer from us is No.

Mekamui news further asked people in Arawa about it and majority of those interviewed echo the same thing, we don’t want mining.

It would be great and best in order to avoid any more blood shed on the island for ABG to held a referendum on Panguna mine rather than the one sided forums which they say public forum but only invited people attended and not the grassroots who are the ones will carry the pain and burden.




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13 07 2013

You need your independence first, then your future is in your hand, not PNG and not Australia, I hope and pray for my wontoks that one day all will be for the island and people, you have all cried Tomus and the rest of the pacific have not been listening, god bless Bougainville island

13 07 2013
dave sansone

It seems like all “leaders” have money in their eyes. Those who crave power seek “leadership” roles. In the US, we have been poisoned with chemicals in our food and lied to about the many hazards of this modern life that has been forced on us. Everyone has been disconnected from the land–much easier to control.

Don’t believe the lies–you don’t need to kill the earth where you live to be free! Nature offers us everything needed–if we care for her. When the forest is gone and the soil is destroyed, the people are nothing by hostages and servants. Perhaps its better to free ourselves of so-called leaders with money in their eyes.

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