3 04 2013

Here in this clip the Indigenous Peoples of Mekamui/Bougainville make it very clear that they don’t want to give their Land, which they caretaking for their future generations, to be mined and destroyed.

This is the Peoples outspoken view right from the beginning before mining started! at a time (1960’s) when white men came and looked at the possibilities of mining Copper and Gold on Mekamui.


Watch the video here:





4 responses

3 04 2013

I was surprised when i found this clip, and to see the reaction of the locals right back then, if only your poor people new back then what lay ahead, I know most are still against starting back up the mine, however you need to find an income or donor to restore your health and education services at the very least, i am married to a Solomon Islands lady and have seen what the chinese have done to the Solomons and i would hate to see that happen there, i was living there in 2006 when my wontoks rioted and distroyed chinatown, i agree with what they did, chinese showed no respect to my family over there and got what they deserved, it changed the chinese attitude for the next twelve months but now it is the same again. I dont believe you should use Australia either, they are for political gain only, as why we went to East Timor peacekeeping, for oil rights in the Timor Sea…..its their oil, not ours (australia), as is your copper and gold…..anyway enjoy the clip, i dont know if any of these locals shown in the clip are still alive, it would be great to hear from them today, maybe some of the pikinis remember.

5 04 2013
Paul Cook

I was very surprised when I found this clip, if only your community knew what lay ahead, PNG did not own the land to lease in the first place, nor Australia, respect would have made all the difference back then, now they want to start again, if so, I bloody hope you get a real deal, 70% would be fair with the value of the mineral on today’s market, but at the end of the day, compensation is what is required before you should let anyone near your land, and if you say no, then no it is…the rest of the world should get involve and force the compensation right now.

6 04 2013

Hi Paul, yes 70% sounds fair, but BCL have offered 3% . . . (see Article from 30/05/2011: BCL can’t be trusted)

5 04 2013
Terry Kelliher

Thank you for this clip Clive. I know most of the people in it. I was working as a Kiap in Bougainville at this time but not on mining liaison work. I was involved in local government and rural development in Kieta, Boku and Torokina areas. Many TPNG officers did not agree with the mine and the way it could affect the people. We were also confused about what was happening as the quite senior liaison Kiap at the end of the clip says. There were many promises and contractual provisions that were ignored or broken after mining really started. Good Luck to you all and may you acheive unity and peace in your beautiful island.

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