26 03 2013

***SPATE MEDIA  REALEASE 18/3/2013. ***


A welcoming smoking ceremony at Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy this week signifies a visit from a leader of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Autonomous Bougainville Government ABG former President (2009-2010) James Tanis will visit the Embassy for discussions on autonomous regional governance and customary land.

While strengthening his leadership credentials at the Australian National University ANU in Canberra Mr Tanis expressed interest in visiting the Embassy to understand the struggles Aboriginal people continue to face on their land in Australia’s political environment.

Stop Coal Seam Gas Illawarra campaigner and Aboriginal Embassy Ambassador Lyle Davis is fighting strongly against CSG threats to Yuin people’s several occupations, cultural heritage, land, water and air quality and is determined to assert customary land values and form alliances towards community self governance that can stop unconventional gas mining.

“Alliances with Aboriginal Sovereignty Lock the Gate and the Stop CSG campaigns could strengthen the core of the fight which is against the crowns claim to minerals and gas in our ground against the wishes and customs of the Yuin Nations first people’s”.  Lyle Davis SPATE Ambassador.

Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy SPATE continues court action to protect the well documented ancient heritage in the area (a declared Aboriginal Place through National Parks) from developer ‘Stockland’ while providing habitat for endangered birds and animals that continue to lose their life support systems from inappropriate development and habitat vandalism.

“The Embassy functions as a meeting place for a range of cultural, ceremonial, ecological and educational activities which is reinforced by diplomatic visits in International Indigenous affairs like this weekend’s visit by Mr Tanis”.  Roy Kennedy SPATE Ambassador.

Welcome Ceremony at 12pm followed by introductions and a discussion circle

during the afternoon on Saturday the 23rd of March.






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