20 03 2013

The pressure is on to reopen the close Panguna mine, there is so far two public forums held in Buka to get public view. From the news report they will held two more forums and than who knows what will happen? Some people as we always wrote and mentioned are worrying about the economy and the Westerners who talks about development are worrying about making money in the name of development in our life time expenses.

The answer to the reopening of Panguna mine is in the hands of Bougainvilleans not lawmakers who are foreigners and makes law to look like indigenous one and than force it down to the grassroots in the name of the so called development. The development that will makes us salve in our own land.

Days, months and years will go bye when talking about reopening the mine, however the mine will not reopen. Blood is there and needs to be address well and remember that land is our mother, panguna people needs land to plant taro, yam and other food crops for their living. Or they will live on money for the rest of their lives; food for money, water for money etc. and their land will become waste gravel.

With the drawing up of the mining laws for ABG I reckon the landowners who are the most affected after all the extraction of minerals and land become use less will be benefited more if on the bottom line they will have some say or input other wise by the look of it, it’s for the joy riders and educated ones or foreign law to suit them and the company.










One response

21 03 2013
Paul Cook

I hope the mine does reopen, but it can only do so when rio Tinto, Australian and PNG Governments admit guilt to the many wrong doings that have occurred, I served there with PMG, and absolutely love the people and place, what needs to be worked out is what the mine is worth to Rio, then a fair and large percentage of that goes directly to the people, a small percentage needs to go to BIG, and PNG governments, I hope your future moves forward, and will return in the near future to see my friends

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