31 01 2013

 In July 23rd-25th this year Tampara Du’anta Melanesia Inc., will be hosting its third Reeds Festival Programme that will include the cultural groups who are currently involving in cultural activities that we are implementing. Most of these groups have participated in our last two events that we have successfully hosted in 2009 and 2011.

The festival speaks of the traditional panpipes styles that we have in Bougainville where it gives opportunity to our focus cultural groups to perform what we have in our respective Districts and Communities.
It is a two days event with a venue site near the beach front with beautiful captive view of Pokpok Island and Kieta Bay. During those two previous events we had visitors who came and even participated with presentations from their native backgrounds. This indicates to us that this world has lots of wonders that nobody can deny the culture and traditions that we all have.

The Reeds Festival is a bi-annual event that includes all our programme activities that we implement in between the festival years.

This year we are going to showcase the first prize winner of the Cool Culture Competition and the Arts and Crafts Exhibition on to perform and display the art work that has been proven to the public.
The Festival Event is meant to be the outcome of the cultural work that is happening in Bougainville and for our people to witness as well as the Melanesian Society.

Report by Allan Gioni

The Reeds Festival Co-ordinator




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