23 01 2013

On Monday 21we walked down to Arawa township from my village to catch up with the transport and Dave Onari the Mane Resource contact in Arawa. My son Clive was so excited to see the place in real after seeing it many times on video.

We caught up with Dave and he quickly got the driver for the truck and we hit the road. Among us the locals, there were two overseas visitors on this trip, Dan and little Clive. We stopped over at Makaki point near Toniva to buy some fruit to keep our mouths busy while we sat inside the tenseater.


My elder brother Tavu was a tour guide for Dan telling him names of the places and areas as we drove going up Aropa road first than we headed inland to South Nasioi. The feeder road from Aropa to Darutue village is not fixed but from Darutue to Mane and further on it was fixed and we drove a little faster than the last time I went there.










Leo the owner was there when we arrived, he opened the gate and the driver put the truck inside the venue. We walked over and Clive with Norms was busy looking at the fishpond. Leo took us to the wind house on the fishpond and after brief talks he showed us how he fed the fish. Dan and Clive were afraid that the fish would bite their fingers off. The other visitors took turns and held the fish in their hands while feeding them.















Leo and Dave took the visitors to the lookout up the mountains where he is planning to build a couple of rest houses. After they returned we had a nice tamatama from taro, which Leo had made in the morning. Leo’s wife performed what we called Osipoi, or homecoming for first time visitors to Dan.


The women local tourist, they call themselves, wanted an interview on the camera so I did film them.






They commented the set up as best in order to save our land and further stated “that we women folks must stand up to save our land and not let it be destroyed by digging it and taking away the minerals.”

After taking team photos we headed back and arrived in Arawa about 4pm.





Mane Resource welcomes anyone who wants to visit the place and breathe the mountains fresh air. Also if you have a tent you can camp there, eating taro and other local food.




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