17 10 2012

New Dawn on Bougainville, 12 October 2012



By Aloysius Laukai


Regional member for Bougainville, Chief JOE LERA wants the 300 thousand people of Bougainville to have money in their pockets first before any mining is started on Bougainville.

He said that although understands the need to raise funds for the Autonomous Bougainville Government, he still thinks Bougainville needs to develop other ways of raising these funds.

MR. LERA made these remarks during his awareness campaigns in South and Central Bougainville last weekend.

He said if mining is started only the educated and trained operators will find jobs whilst Bougainvillean youths will totally miss out.

The Regional member said however if Agricultural projects are encouraged everybody no matter if they are educated or not will have employment opportunities.

He said in his first ONE HUNDRED DAYS in office he wants to see some technical schools established on Bougainville.

MR. LERA will still cover the rest of Bougainville including the Atolls with his awareness campaigns before the end of this year.





2 responses

17 10 2012
Cameron Sevy

It has been proven that Bougainville is rich in minerals, copper and other ore. May I suggest that Bougainville start smelting some iron and copper, zinc and lead to refine them into useable tools and manufacturing material. Then start manufacturing any number of useable metal pieces for immediate use and also export. There is no reason there could not be a Meekamui Motors exporting Bougianville built 4×4 vehicles.

Mining doesn’t mean ONLY mining for gold!
May God Bless you all.

23 02 2014

Education assistance is for the bougainvilles only, What about the atols, Can the minister Joe Lera make sure that Atols be taken care of as well, as far as i know the school fee assistance is only for the bougainvillians, none for the atolls, Atolls struggle to pay their own fees, Can Lauta and Joe Lera come up with something to assist the atol students who are studying in the tertiary institutions.

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