10 10 2012








Savo Island is just outside of Honiara about one hour by outboard motor boat. On the western side there is the Sunset Resort, which is quiet and peaceful. With a friend of mine I took a trip to the Sunset Resort and visited very interesting areas on the Island.

First we went on a tour to the other end of the Island where two villages own an area where Mega pods come to lay eggs during the hot seasons. The villager by the name of Dai told me that digging Mega pods is their daily life and one of the income sources apart from coconut or copra.















Later we went to the small volcano at the end facing Honiara city. The sea was rough but the boat skipper was in control of the boat and we reached the landing place safely. We walked for about 15 minutes than we saw smoke coming up and then the smell reached our nose.

The tour guide told us that the villagers from the village cook their food here, and we could see the leaves from the earth oven or motu in Solomon pidgin. I stepped in the stream and it was warm but on the place where it was boiling up the water it was so hot at one stage it really burned my foot. I can’t stand the smell so I walked up further away waiting for the others because for four days when filming in Lihir, New Ireland Province, Png the smell of the volcano killed me.


Later we went to a small waterfall a little walk up the small mountain.

We told the Sunset Resort workers that we like local food and motu so every dinner we had motu which was very great and we used to eat it all.





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