31 07 2012

It’s a painful experience to have felt and sad to hear and see leaders talk about reopening the closed Panguna mine. What do the leaders want, do they care for the people and their land or they care for the money which will destroy land and ruin people’s lives. We the people of Arawa had faced all kinds of social problems and have been the victims of the mine, brought squatters so we think it’s enough of the mine issue.

The ABG leaders instead of finding other venues to raise money they only talk about reopening the mine. Is this the only way for Bougainville to go forward? For the last 25 years since the mine was closed we the grassroots earn money from cocoa, copra and other commodities. Its very funny though that some of those leaders they are making big money from cocoa plantation that they own but yet they talk about reopening the mine. What on Mekamui went wrong? Or do they want more money??? More money, which means more destruction in the name of development.

In June I went up to Panguna, when standing outside of Pirurari village I saw few taro gardens on the side of the waste gravel where some soil form when the mine stopped. I asekd Michael the man from Pirurari, if mining starts will you plant taro there again? He told me, we the village people don’t want the mine reopen its only the leaders who are talking about it.

Reopening Panguna mine is hazardous so please leaders talk about Agriculture, Tourism, Fishing, etc. If you want to talk about BCL talk funding reconciliations, schools and medical centres because BCL had already got more out of our motherland and left it with a big scar.

Panguna Mine. Enough…






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1 08 2012

Agriculture and fishing can be done. Developing these 2 industry to generate Bougainville’s economy isn’t that much. Mining will be a faster way to generate income thus more development. People of Bougainville must understand that you need to draft a plan on how you want to develop your country or what industry you want to focus in when funds are available. Waiting for investors to just pump in money will get you no where. If you have this mindset, all investors will never invest in Bougainville because they see no returns in their investment. ABG and landowners need to have a plan to capture the confidence of investors and not wait for a few Santa Clauses come knocking.

1 08 2012

Also the people of Bougainville must be aware of the current political situation. For 12 years, there is no compensation funds coming from the PNG government. How come is there no funds and are your representatives in parliament questioning and pressuring for it? Does it look like PNG does’t want Bougainville to develop? If this is the case, Bougainville people should know their rights that are already stated when granted autonomy and stand up for them. I leave you with this quote:

“The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, takes no part in political life. He doesn’t seem to know that the cost of living, the price of beans, of flour, of rent, of medicines all depend on political decisions. He even prides himself on his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says he hates politics. He doesn’t know, the imbecile, that from his political non-participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber and, worst of all, corrupt officials, the lackeys of exploitive multinational corporations.” -Bertolt Brecht

4 09 2012
Konopia Osopex

I agree with the blogger but the fact is, the ABG has no fuel to run its vehicle at the moment. Therefore its main solution is the focus is the mine itself but it is true that we do have other alternatives that are environmentally free of destruction. Above all we don’t want the history to repeat itself.

5 10 2012

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