23rd, 24th, 25th BUIN – TARO, SOLOMON ISLANDS

14 07 2012

On Saturday 23rd Steven and Patty went to church while the 4 of us went to Buin Market, it was so full and there were lots of foods and many other things on sale. I had rang my Buin contact to arrange a boat for us across the border to Taro, he told me he will travel to Buka so he gave my number to Tommy the boat owner whom I met in mid 1997 while filming in South Bougainville Buin area.


Tommy rang me and we met at the market place, told him that we are doing an educational film so would like to feature him, he agreed but told us he will say less. After the short shooting we made arrangements for the trip across and it was all sorted out in a minute. For the rest of the day, I hang around Buin town trying to catch up with some people from Siwai to pass on a DVD to a family in Mamagota.

I asked Anthony Montai for the transport to take the 3 to Kangu beach. Later on I caught up with the driver while he was going down to Kangu beach to pick the 3 up so I hoped on and we went to Kangu beach. After we returned back we looked for a kaikai house, than we found one and had a little lunch. The other two caught up with us in the evening. We had our last big dinner in the night and went to sleep.

Early the next day Anthony took us down to Kangu beach. The boat was there but the petrol sales man was not there, so me and Patty with Anthony went back to Buin town to buy petrol. In Buin town we met Thomas Tari the former BRA H Company Commander. Patty liked the logo on his truck so I took a photo of them pointing at the words, Noken Stopim Peace.


When we returned back to Kangu we loaded the bags and headed to Muisuru village to get a canvas to cover the bags. Than we took off to Taro which took us about 2hours on a 40horse outboard motor. It’s a smooth trip no rough sea. We checked into a guesthouse in Taro, had showers and Wade cooked rice for our lunch. Steven, Patty and myself went to see Jeffery, a Choiscel Government employee. Steven had set up a honeybee for him sometimes ago.


The time is counting down our trip finally came to the end, the lessons that we learned are great and I am happy to have met the rest of the team members as they are good and great guys to work with.

On the 25th we took the Solomon airlines flight, the four-team members dropped off in Gizo while Patty and me flew to Honiara.

The Film once finished will be distributed free to every community in Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville and other parts of the Melanesian countries. From seeing and hearing stories of the mining areas and affected communities I hope the next generation Melanesian communities will make a wise decision for the betterment of them and their children to come and to get the maximum benefit from their land because the land will not be used again and will be destroyed forever when using it for mining.





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14 07 2012

Excellent trip, Clive. How can I buy a copy of the film? I live in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. I was a volunteer in Bougainville in April 1985.

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