15 03 2012

The owner and managing director of Sunrise Guesthouse in Arawa told me that he offers the best rate for his Guesthouse which is affordable for anyone who comes to visit Arawa or passes by to go to Buin, Siwai or even from Solomon and vice versa.

One thing that stuck me most is, the kitchen provides and cooks local food like taro, yam, potato, banana and vegetables. Many locals who come late in the night from working outside of Arawa, when they don’t want to start up a fire and don’t want to eat rice, they go to Sunrise Guesthouse kitchen for dinner. It is also very cheap.

Mr Nathan Miringtoro told me that before the war he never thought about running the Guesthouse but when the peace came about he then changed what he run as a store to a guesthouse because he saw the need for accommodation in Arawa when rebuilding Bougainville.

He personally doesn’t want mining, he mentioned that the government should make the agriculture sector a first priority and put more money towards it, as all works of life will be employed, not like in the mining industry. He stated that after the war there were more widows and they can’t work at the mine, they work at the subsistence farming.

He further commented that tourism is the best as we will save our land and preserve our culture. It is the best gold and copper so the government should put more into tourism as well. With tourism there will be no bloodshed as in gold and copper.

He welcomes any visitors to Arawa to come and try out his guesthouse and the local food. On the security side, he says, this is not Port Moresby, this is Arawa people are friendly and it is safe for anyone.





3 responses

19 03 2012

Looks like a a wonderful place filled with lovely food and a great place to make a new adventure. Thanks for sharing. Would love to come for a visit.

21 03 2012
Peter Sepe

This place looks lovely,might give it try,if i travel to Bougainville, I don’t like eating imported food, tinfish,tinmeat, or even steak. I advice my brother Nathan to cook everything grown and caught in Bougainville so that, more interested overseas people will come.
Thank you…

30 01 2013

Is there anyway I can make contact with the guest house

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