14 03 2012

I jumped on a 3-ton truck from Arawa to go to Buin. The road was not good as from Arawa to Buka, there were bridges but one in particular was in need of replacing the timbers. This highway has been closed for a couple of years when there was the internal fighting among the Wisai people but after the cease-fire was signed last year it opened again. This is a good thing for the people of Buin because they used to travel to Siwai and Nagovis to go to Arawa and Buka, which is a longer way.

We reached Buin in the evening so I was a little taken by surprise that there are many changes since my visit in 2005. More shops and mobile telephone services and a Police station. There are a few Guest Houses, I went straight to my contact and we went to the first Guest House but the owners were out so we went to the next one the Monties Guest House, it is run by Anthony Montai and he called it Monties.

I checked into the Monties and got the room for K120 per night with breakfast and dinner. The food was so good so I was not hungry for the two nights I was there. Anthony arranged a transport for me and the contact David to go to Kangu beach the next day.

After returning back from Kangu beach I went to Buin Hospital. When I last visited the Hopsital in 2005 it was in bad condition but now some overseas volunteers where there and it  is much better. I talked with one of the nurses and went to the children’s ward than gave 3 presents to the 3 babies.

I met many friends whom I had known during the war and after the war. The next day Anthony Montai again arranged transport for me back to Arawa, he is well known with the truck owners and other drivers. There is a live TV to watch latest happenings in the world so when you are thinking of going to Buin, the last place they say on Bougainville check out Monties Guest House.




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20 08 2012
wilma liiba

Oh,so buin is developing now in good ways,hope is gona be safe and free to move freely now,SO NICE

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