13 03 2012

Siwai is in the South West of Bougainville. I was in Siwai for one week filming a homecoming film for a Siwai man.

As to Bougainville culture and especially to the people of Siwai when a relative or brother, sister or whatever in the family has been away for long there will be cultural ceremony as in this case.

I went to visit Monoitu Hospital and was moved because everything was run down, no mattress, no mats etc. The Dr in charge took me around the wards. There were two newborn babies in there so I gave them each a beani from the friend who gave them to me to give to my fellow island babies. In fact the sad thing about the two babies is, one got only two toes and the other can’t suck the milk from her mums breast so the Dr and nurses had to feed the baby from the cup.

The most unforgettable thing about Siwai is the sweet pinnaple and Abika with pitpit when you go there on the right season.

However travelling to Arawa and Buka from Siwai is a pain in the neck because the roads were in bad condition and the bridges in Nagovis area were broken down so when it rains and flooded they have to wait hours but that is life and you will get used to it. That’s Bougainville.





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