10 03 2012

My brother told me that a friend of his will go to a village in Aita and asked me if I wanted to come with them to take some pictures. I said yes and off we went. After the Aita river bridge we turned left. We followed the road, which as usual in Mekamui/Bougainville was not good for cars but fit for landcruzers and four-wheel drives.

After some time a guide stopped us and hoped on the truck. We drove til we came to the village, the villagers were in the church so we waited for them. Some joined in.

The people came to see us after the church. I went straight to the Aita River and took some shots. Finally I had a chance to talk to the leader of the women group over there. My question was: What is it like now after the war?

She told me that they have the freedom that they didn’t have before though there are some internal problems.  The village is near the Aita river and below the mountains so they enjoy the beauty of the Island at its best.

With the chiefs and some men we had taro and corn, we sayed goodbye to them and headed back to Arawa.







2 responses

10 03 2012
Frank & Ingrid

Hello Clive,
ggod to hear from you, now we know you are okay and safe. Beautiful photos, hope you are having a lovely time back on your home island!!
See you in OZ, Ingrid & co

11 03 2012

Great photos, thanks for sharing your journey…

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