1 11 2011

A Photographer when he entered my motherland for the first time after hearing news and seeing pictures on the TV and video told me that our Island is a Paradise, all over it is green with untouched land; keep it that way.

I told him that is why we fought, to save our land from foreign companies and corporate who don’t care about the people and the land but want the minerals.

There are Ex- combatants and those who have grown up with the love of mother earth trying their best to keep the beauty and its natural inhabitants as it is. One of them is Zhon Bosco who started Bougainville Experience Tours with his trek or tour guides on the ground.

Zhon Bosco was in Sydney on the 29th -30th October to attend the Adventure Travel and Backpackers Expo which was held in Sydney Town Hall. I was in Sydney when he gave me a surprise call, I asked him who gave you my mobile number he told me to go down to Sydney town hall and he will tell me.

He was in Sydney promoting Bougainville to the outside world so that more tourists will visit the beautiful Island, which has gone through one of the bloodiest war in the South Pacific after the Second World War. In an interview earlier from the ground he told the reporters that Tourism in Bougainville is and will be the next Gold and copper. I salute him saying yes it is better than Gold and Copper.

We fought to save our land so that is why we are promoting tourism, which doesn’t destroy the land.

You can visit the website for more info

Zhon Bosco in Sydney Town Hall

Zhon Bosco Promoting Bougainville Tourism




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