On a mission to turn tables around

27 10 2011

BOUGAINVILLEANS, specifically the missionaries are on a mission to turn tables around and start going abroad to help the needy.
Last month the Christian Mission Fellowship –Bougainville made a request to all Pacific Island nations to come to Bougainville and help raise funds to send 20 missionaries to remote Solomon Islands, Indonesia and Milne Bay – three locations identified which are under the poverty line.
CMF elite from Fiji, Solomon Islands and in PNG, the New Guinea Islands, Southern Region, the Highlands Region and Bougainville came together and last weekend at the Wakunai Bible College held a fundraiser which earned about K100,000.
Regional MP for Bougainville Fidelis Semoso gave more than K45,0000 towards the mission of which K43,000 allocated from his discretionary funds and about K2000 from his family and businesses.
Fiji CMF team told the Post- Courier it was time to turn tables and instead of being seen all the time as the third world nations or always on the receiving end from the first world nations – it was now time to give back a hand to the needy.
Mr Semoso who commended the church organisers for a job well done, also presented K1500 to the Solomon Island team and hosted the Fiji team in Buka. He gave an ear bashing to the church elders and appealed to them to successfully carry out their mission.
Pastors in charge said in Wakunai that the money raised was to send a group of 20 young and old men and women as missionaries to go and help a very remote village in Western Province of Solomon Islands. This village in the Solomons is up in the mountains, and has been neglected by the SI Government and through the CMF Solomons, help is now underway.





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